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RFID Vehicle Tracking System DominateRFID

Vehicle Tracking System

Solve Your Vehicle Tracking Challenges with DominateRFID!

DominateRFID is proud to present its Vehicle Tracking System, which is installed to enable companies to track their vehicle’s location. Our system helps in identifying a particular Vehicle during in-and-out and locating the movement of vehicles in specified path, as well as giving out Alerts and Alarms accordingly.

DominateRFID’s fully automated Vehicle Tracking System delivers the flexibility, scalability and responsiveness that today’s organizations need. We provide accurate, up-to-minute information, high-speed communication and powerful analysis features required to make better decisions faster. The major potential comes from the much acclaimed no line of sight and simultaneous reading properties of RFID.

Being in the manufacturing and transportation business, availability of vehicles and operational efficiency are crucial areas. Due to the traditional manual processes, companies find it difficult to determine the exact cycle for a vehicle carrying goods from factory to a particular destination, and carrying raw material as a return load back to the factory. With a mission to improve operational efficiency in terms of cycle-time monitoring and fleet management, DominateRFID Vehicle Tracking System is designed.



  • Track vehicle entry/exit.
  • Track vehicle movement across locations.
  • Locate vehicle current location.
  • Optimize vehicle usage.
  • Long Range Passive/Active RFID systems.
  • Can be integrated with access control barriers.
  • SMS & Email alerts.



Fully Automized Solution

  • Web based application accessible from anywhere.
  • Installable as a stand-alone application.
  • Can integrate with Security System, Scheduling, Access Control or any other systems.
  • Detects if and how many vehicles are inside a controlled area.
  • Provides historical trails between given times.
  • Know the vehicles staying times in any area.
  • Real-time location monitoring for any controlled vehicle.
  • Generate detailed reports.

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Simple to use. Simple to maintain. No barriers. No complications.

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