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RFID Smart POS Counter DominateRFID

Smart POS Counter

Solve your POS Counter challenges with DominateRFID!

Traditional Point of Sale Challenges:

  1. Scan all barcodes separately.
  2. Check that all items got scanned and that the price is right (no price markdown stickers have gone unnoticed).
  3. Fold and package the items.
  4. Process credit card or receive cash.
  5. Cash in mistakes happen easily as staff members are stressing over long lines. It’s easy to miss or forget to scan an item – especially if the customer is buying a lot of them. The process takes a lot of time and double-checking is often needed. If the line get too long, many customers will simply give up and put the items down or worse yet leave the store without buying anything.


DominateRFID Smart POS Counter significantly enhances the traditional manual data-collection methods. It can be used as a complementary application or a replacement to the barcode system.

An RFID antenna is placed under the POS counter. As items are placed on the counter, system will immediately detect and populates the POS with the item information. There is no limitation on the quantity of items placed on the counter. RFID will catch it all. If an item is removed from the counter, system will automatically updates the POS in real-time. The transaction is now ready for payment.

DominateRFID Smart POS counter makes the POS process faster:

  1. Place all items on the counter and, voila, they are all automatically read.
  2. Fold and bag the items.
  3. Process Payment.

DominateRFID Smart POS System will make the error prone and tedious task of transaction a snap.

There is no need to waste time on double- or triple-checking. All items have been scanned and they all have the right price. And the best of all, the check-out process is fast and the other customers don’t have to wait in long lines.



  • Reduced point of sale labor time.
  • No more long lines in your store.
  • No barcode line of sight reading required.
  • Multiple items functionality which reads 50+ items per second.
  • Identify your sold items easily at the time of return.
  • More accurate inventory tracking and theft detection.
  • Less human involvement in scanning.

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