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Mobile Picking Module

Solve your Store Management challenges with DominateRFID!

Pick intelligently, quickly and accurately!

With thousands of items retailers have to stock, one of the biggest challenges in retail is tasking the sales staff to go to the back stock room to pick an item for the customer to try on or to fulfill a purchase. The inefficiency and loss of employee availability on the retail floor to interact with other customers becomes tenfold during peak hours or sales promotions. To alleviate this problem, some retailers have installed a two way radio communication which introduces its own set of issues.

To meet this need, DominateRFID developed Mobile Picking Module that manages and processes orders in less time. This paperless picking solution allows retailers to gain greater operational efficiency, reduce customer wait time and improve better customer service, which in turn increases sales.

What makes this module special is the intelligence built into its picking algorithm. Sales staff simply scan the item and enter the desired quantity. The system will automatically check on item location in the back stock and if available will consider two parameters;
1) who is closest to the item’s location
2) who has the lowest pick order on his/her mobile device
The system will then push the order to the device based on meeting the above mentioned criteria.

If a user decides to take a break, he simply presses a button and system will automatically re-prioritize and push to other available mobile devices. Once picked, system provides positive confirmation back to the sales associate informing him/her of the item being delivered.

Additional Benefits:

  • Designed to reduce errors, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize worker productivity and assist in the process of satisfying customers time and again.
  • Pick more orders with the same people.
  • New staff can pick efficiently from day 1.
  • Fully scalable across multiple stores or warehouses.
  • Eliminates inefficient two way radio communication.

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