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Plug & play RFID Xpress helps you achieve 100% inventory accuracy within minutes instead of hours or days.

It protects your store against theft and losses.


RFID Xpress is our stand-alone plug & play RFID-based inventory system designed for organizations looking for a simple and affordable way to track and achieve 100% inventory accuracy.

The system consists of a Windows-based application working with a Mobile UHF RFID reader and RFID Printer.


RFID Xpress has the following features:

  • Stand-alone inventory system.
  • Import & export to Excel (.csv).
  • POS (point of sales) & invoice printing.
  • Manage serialized and bulk inventory items.
  • Label Print Designer.
  • Encode and Print RFID Tags.
  • Scan pre-encoded RFID Tags.
  • Item Check-in & Check-out.
  • Stock Count using handheld RFID Reader.
  • Item Count using RFID Tunnel or RFID Portal.
  • Use handheld RFID Reader to search and locate any item with laser-beam accuracy.
  • Works with the anti-theft RFID scanning pedestals.


To get your store up and running with minimal training and costs, we have designed a bundle containing all the required hardware, software and RFID Tags. With this bundle, you get RFID-based inventory tracking right out of the box:

  • RFID Xpress Desktop Application Software.
  • RFID Xpress Mobile Application Software.
  • Mobile UHF RFID Handheld Reader.
  • UHF RFID Printer.
  • UHF RFID Desktop Scanner
  • RFID Tags (1,000 pcs)

This innovative solution is considered to be a tipping point in affordability and simplifying implementation of RFID.


You are going to love it, we promise.

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself! Try our plug & play RFID Xpress solution risk-free. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return it within 15 days of your purchase and receive 100% refund*. Plug & play RFID system, it is that easy.

*Excluding consumables


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