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Evidence Tracking System

Solve your Evidence Tracking challenges with DominateRFID!

  • Bring accountability, accuracy and visibility to your evidence labeling and tracking.
  • Dramatically reduce evidence source errors.
  • User-defined workflows ensure operational consistency and efficiency.
  • Works with Barcode, RFID or combination of both.
  • Use RFID handheld to audit, search and quickly find missing or misplaced evidence.
  • Full historical tracking for every article of evidence, from the point of collection to archiving and disposal.
  • RFID mobile applications allow performing many functions in the field. Take to the crime scene, lab, property room, vehicles, and courtroom and perform your duties, offline or online.
  • View evidence on the map of your facility or outdoor.
  • Real-time alert system with video surveillance which alerts you of any unauthorized movement of evidence.
  • Web-based application accessible from anywhere.
  • Check-in/out and Transfer-in/out with built-in paperless approval process.
  • Attach unlimited digital evidence to its physical counterpart and view both together.

In crime scenes, the collection and analysis of evidence is a crucial task for forensic professionals and investigators. Unfortunately, inefficiency in collecting, labeling, transporting, and tracking evidence is also common. These process inefficiencies can hurt the judicial system and impose unrepairable damages.

DominateRFID Evidence Tracking System provides you with a solution to eliminate the source of process inefficiencies. Once a sample collection is tagged in the field, it is accounted for at all times. Fixed and mobile RFID readers can be placed at strategic locations along the evidence collection and delivery chain. As evidence moves through one location to another, its location is automatically updated and the time of displacement is captured, thereby providing you with the movement history of any evidence. Multiple articles of evidence can be associated with a single or multiple crime scenes and multiple evidence containers can be read at a time.
Process Module

The Process module allows users to define either static or dynamic routing for each process. In Static routing, all the steps are pre-defined and the system will enforce the precise process flow. On the other hand, the Dynamic Process flow is a decision-based process where the user will decide on the next step in the process for a particular piece of evidence. Each process can be assigned a Process Name, Location zone, Process Forecasted Time (the estimated time to be spent at each step), Process Instructions, and finally a defined access level by role or specific user. Process Instructions provide the capability to add an unlimited number of attachments, as well as instructions, for each step in the process.

This module allows you to know at any given moment what stage of the workflow a specific piece evidence is in, where it has been and where it should go to next. It also provides you with the actual time spent at each step and time between steps. These can be measured against forecasted times to provide management with accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Track and view the location of a variety of evidence on the map of your facility or property room. The powerful Alert system prevents unauthorized displacement of evidence and allows you to view video surveillance recordings of any movement. You will be notified via screen pop-ups, SMS and email. It can also trigger door locks, sound an alarm or turn on strobe light. You can view the incident in real time.


Check-in/out and Transfer-in/out

Through automated Check-in/out process, the system will associate evidence to each employee, keep the complete chain-of-custody information and automatically email due date reminders. By means of Transfer module, you will be able to securely transfer-in/out evidence to/from other facilities using a paperless approval process.

Handheld RFID reader can be used to perform daily audits. Use its audio and visual indicators to search and quickly find the missing or misplaced evidence.

Tablet and smart phone applications provide the mobility that is required to register new evidence, check-in/out, and transfer-in/out and perform a variety of other functions in the field.



Due to the sensitive nature of evidence, security is a crucial and integral part of this system. Special security layers have been designed to authenticate the user and eliminate abuse, unauthorized use or web attacks.

DominateRFID Evidence Tracking is a combination of a web-based application and a series of mobile RFID applications that deliver dramatic improvements in accuracy, productivity and cost savings. It can easily integrate with your Case Management System (CMS) or any other applications.


Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our solutions can do. When it comes to the functionalities required for a robust RFID-based Evidence Tracking solution, we literally thought of everything.

Dominate Evidence Tracking System – another great product from DominateRFID. There’s nothing like it.


Simple to use. Simple to maintain. No barriers. No complications.

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