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Blood samples kept in test tubes for screening in the lab.

Specimen Tracking System

Solve your Specimen Tracking Challenges with DominateHealthcare!


  • Increase accuracy in specimen labeling and tracking.
  • Dramatically reduce specimen source errors.
  • Increase lab productivity through paperless and hands-free accessioning of specimens.
  • Easier certification and audit capability.
  • User-defined workflows ensure operational consistency and efficiency.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes.

In most surgical or lab settings, collection and analysis of biopsy specimens is a common part of the patient care process. Unfortunately, inefficiency in collecting, labeling, transporting, and tracking specimens is also quite prevalent. These process inefficiencies delay the timeliness of care and hurt the overall level of service provided to customers.

Dominate Specimen Tracking provides you with a solution to eliminate the source of process inefficiencies. Once a sample collection is tagged, it is accounted for, all the time. Deployed in surgical, pathology and lab service lines, fixed RFID readers are placed at strategic locations along the specimen collection and delivery chain. As a specimen moves through the facility, its location is automatically updated and the time of displacement is captured, thereby providing you with the movement history of any specimen. Automated integration updates the HIS or any other system, eliminating transcription labor and error. Multiple specimens can be associated to a given patient, and multiple specimen containers can be read all together. The specimen RFID tags can look and be printed like traditional barcode labels.


Process Module

The Process module allows you to define either static or dynamic routing for each process. In Static routing, all the steps are pre-defined and system will enforce the precise process flow. The Dynamic Process flow is a decision-based process where the user will decide on the next step in the process, for a particular specimen. Each process has Process Name, Location zone, Process Forecasted Time (the estimated time to be spent at each step), Process Instructions and finally a defined access level by Role or specific user. Process Instructions provide the capability to add an unlimited number of attachments as well as instructions to each step in the process.

This module allows you to know, at any given moment, what stage of the workflow a specific specimen is in, where it has been and where it should go to next. It also provides you with the actual time spent at each step and time between steps. These can be measured against forecasted times to provide management with accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Dominate Specimen Tracking is a combination of a web-based application and a series of mobile applications that delivers dramatic improvements in accuracy, productivity, cost savings and patient safety.


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