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In-store Sales Assist

Solve your Store Management challenges with DominateRFID!

A move to Omni-channel retailing has created a more knowledgeable consumer, so store employees need to be more knowledgeable about merchandise carried and production processes.

Omni-channel shopping requires providing an immersive and superior customer experience regardless of channel. In this regard retailers carry merchandise that is customer-centric and is not specific to any channel.

To meet this growing need, DominateRFID has developed In-Store Sales Assist application that sits on a tablet assisting sales associates with relevant and vital sales information. Another big advantage is that it makes the sales process and customer service consistent amongst all the sales associates on the shop floor. Just imagine not having to train new employees with so much specific and detailed product information.

DominateRFID In-store Sales Assist presents a truly innovative solution to give retail sales force better access to product information, which in turn would provide better customer service and drive better sales. With Tablet in hand, associates can better engage the shoppers that enter the selling space. Interesting and engaging product knowledge can be shared with consumers instantly gives associates another tool to help explain – visually – the value of product offerings. In addition, an associate interacting with the Tablet has a tool for preempting mobile comparison shopping, and can often sell-up as well as prevent a lost sale.

With the In-Store Sales Assist residing on a Tablet, retailers can boost their human capital on a budget. The application can be quickly customized and will work in tandem with existing software.

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